Recruitment process

The recruitment process varies depending on the position. It usually comprises three steps: During the entire process, all data is processed in accordance with applicable law.

Stage 1

Pre-selection of sent documents

Submitted applications are subject for initial verification. If the application complies with our requirements, we move on to the next stage.

Stage 2

Recruitment interview

If the criteria included in the announcement are met, we invite the candidate to a recruitment interview.

The initial interview (with a representative of the Personnel Department and/or with a direct superior – the composition of the recruitment team is variable and depends on the type of conducted recruitment) is aimed at verifying the information that was included in the recruitment application and obtaining information on knowledge and skills.

Candidates with the highest fulfillment of the criteria specified for a given position are invited to the interview with their potential supervisor and/or a representative of the Human Resources Department. Such a conversation is an excellent opportunity for the candidate to ask questions.

Stage 3

Result of the meeting

If the assessment is positive, then on the agreed date we will meet to discuss the employment conditions. Decisions are made about two weeks after the recruitment process.

If the assessment is negative, each candidate who participated in the recruitment interviews receives feedback in the form of a thank you provided after the recruitment completion.

We promote good recruitment practices, and by those we mean the principles contained in the Code of Good Recruitment Practices; we encourage you to read it as a confirmation of the quality of our conducted recruitment processes:


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