About the company

Instytut Biotechnologii Surowic i Szczepionek BIOMED Spółka Akcyjna is a Polish biotechnological company combining modernity with tradition. We manufacture biological medications (biologicals), in particular specific and non-specific bacterial vaccines, probiotic preparations, allergens, medical devices, in vitro microbiological diagnostic products and sterilisation control indicators.

We have been providing epidemiological security for the country for years, providing vaccines for the implementation of the Protective Vaccination Programme.

We take care of the microbiome of children and adults, providing innovative probiotics, the safety and effectiveness of which has been confirmed by studies.

IBSS BIOMED S.A. is a dynamically developing company with extensive experience in conducting research and development, mainly based on its own technological facilities and highly qualified personnel.

We are a company which invests both in the development of scientific knowledge, the improvement of our employees and the constant modernisation of the technology and production methods being used. We care about the natural environment.

As a manufacturer of active substances and end products, we meet the highest quality standards thanks to our employed specialists, modern infrastructure compliant with GxP standards and the use of proprietary technology.

We care about the protection of developed intellectual property in the area of trademarks and patents for inventions.

Areas of our activity

IBSS BIOMED S.A. is an independent manufacturer of preparations, beginning from the active substance up to the finished product.



  • Non-specific and specific polyvalent bacterial vaccines, including the world’s only vaccine against Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Probiotic preparations – both medicinal and food products
  • Innovative preparations containing metabolites of probiotic bacteria
  • Medical devices, including for in vitro diagnostics
  • Cosmetics
  • Dietary supplements
  • Diagnostic preparations
  • Microbiological media
  • Sterilisation indicators


The production of biological medicinal products – in particular sterile immunomodulatory products such as vaccines – is a difficult and particularly demanding process. It is performed under controlled conditions, ensuring the highest hygienic and quality regime, in accordance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice.

The production of foodstuffs requires manufacturers to implement the ISO 22000 food safety management standard, and the production of medical devices is carried out in accordance with the provisions of ISO 13485.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Research and Development Centre at IBSS BIOMED S.A.

IBSS BIOMED S.A. is a dynamically expanding company. We have extensive experience in conducting R&D, mainly based on our own technological facilities and employed specialists.

Information on our research projects more info >>>


IBSS BIOMED SA includes the Clinical Research Department which organises and supervises research – both new products and those already existing on the market. The conducted tests, regardless of the status of the tested product, meet the highest international standards. They are conducted following the principles of ethics (based on the Helsinki Declaration) and in accordance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP).

In addition, the Institute has its own Registration Department. The employees of the department participate in all projects in the field of development and registration of medicinal products, medical devices, foodstuffs and cosmetics, both in Poland and abroad. The employees are characterised by a very good knowledge of Polish and European law, thanks to which each product is provided with registration documentation in accordance with the applicable guidelines and standards. Registration processes are carried out all over the world in cooperation with foreign partners.



Thanks to dedicated managers of individual products and a specialised sales team, the Sales, Marketing and Export Department effectively promotes and sells our products in Poland and abroad. We focus on the reliability of scientific information when conducting our marketing activities. We owe our continued success on the pharmaceutical market to the tests confirming the safety and effectiveness of the offered preparations, as well as the continuous development of new products.


The dynamically developing Export Department at IBSS BIOMED S.A. cooperates with foreign partners on several dozen markets in Europe and around the world, continuously looking for new markets.

Our company cooperates with foreign partners in the areas of registration, promotion and distribution of our products, more info >>>

IBSS BIOMED S.A. is also

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