Social responsibility

IBSS BIOMED S.A. is a socially responsible organisation

Since the beginning of IBSS BIOMED S.A., while executing the company’s plans and development strategies, we have tried not to forget about those in need. IBSS BIOMED S.A. carries out various charitable activities and sponsors scientists – we collaborate with and support a number of social and research institutions.

We are involved in numerous charity events and we support various undertakings, especially those dedicated to children, and we help gifted young people develop their talents. We also participate in educational activities promoting the idea of prevention, as well as rational and safe use of over-the-counter medicines. We co-organise conferences and training courses involving authorities in the field of medicine, addressed to physicians and pharmacists.

Moreover, we actively participate in research and social events significant for the region and support medical centres as well as public benefit institutions.

We collaborate, among others, with:

The Occupational Therapy Workshop of “Nadzieja” Association of Parents and Friends of Physically and Mentally Disabled Children in Nowy Sacz;

The Training College of the Jagiellonian University – the “Polawiacze Perel” talent discovery programme dedicated to gifted young people;

Centre for Innovations, Technology Transfer and University Development (CITTRU) of the Jagiellonian University;

The Jagiellonian Centre of Innovation Ltd. – the “Business in Biotechnology” postgraduate course

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