What makes us different

Instytut Biotechnologii Surowic i Szczepionek BIOMED S.A. is an expert in the field of vaccines and probiotics. We successfully combine innovative technologies, research activities and scientific methods in our work. The purpose of our unique mission is to support people by applying thorough knowledge of microbes in practice.

Our vaccines save human life, whereas probiotics increase its safety and quality, also facilitating therapy.

Modern and independent laboratories are working on developing the latest generation of technological processes in the production line:

  • We conduct research on specially selected strains of probiotic bacteria.
  • We watch over every production stage – from the beginning of the research project to the creation of the product which presents the highest quality.

Vaccines are the first and the most important group of IBSS BIOMED S.A. products in terms of the society. We produce a number of preparations that protect populations of Poland and other countries against infectious diseases. We also produce, for example, a vaccine against Pseudomonas aeruginosa – the only one available around the world.

The knowledge accumulated for decades also allows us to create unique immunostimulating products in the form of non-specific bacterial vaccines. The products of this group find new applications, from allergology to oncology, and their development broadens medical perspectives.

Probiotics developed in the Institute are carefully profiled. Science has shown that an effective probiotic must be closely matched to the health and environment of the patient’s life. Having considered the foregoing, thanks to many years of experience and reliable results of scientific research at IBSS BIOMED S.A., we produce specially selected strains of probiotic bacteria.

We develop preparations for use in gynaecology, as well as those dedicated to children, whether taking care of intestinal health (and thus the entire organism) or those that are irreplaceable in terms of fighting against allergic diseases.

The safety and efficiency of our products is very important to us. IBSS BIOMED S.A. products contain strains of probiotic bacteria such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, i.e. live lactobacilli which help maintain the normal bacterial flora of human mucous membranes. Maintaining the physiological environment of beneficial bacteria is a key element in the prevention and therapy of many diseases

Lactobacillus bacteria play a particularly important role in the health of the female genital tract. Thanks to lactobacilli, the vagina is able to maintain the acidic pH necessary to inhibit the development of harmful pathogens. Bearing this fact in mind, we offer an entire range of gynaecological products.

Bifidobacterium content in the microflora protects the digestive tract from the development of mycosis and candidiasis, which is an important part of maintaining optimal health. On the other hand, this bacterium breaks down glycogen to lactic acid in the female genital tract, thus restoring the acidic pH. Strains of the Bifidobacterium species have also been identified in human milk – they play an important role in colonising the digestive system of newborns.

The IBSS BIOMED S.A. portfolio does not include microbiological products only. The Institute is at the forefront of the market in the category of oral hydration fluids. We produce unique cosmetics based on the metabolites of lactic acid bacteria, as well as other medical devices and dietary supplements. We also produce substrates for bacterial growth, markers and diagnostic products.

Regardless of the registered status of products, we care about ensuring their best possible research. There are clinical trials covering not only our medications, but also nutritional products of special medical use. All products are subject to observational (post-marketing) research.

The developed cosmetics are unique on the Polish market in terms of the content of lactic acid bacteria metabolites. Metabolites are compounds synthesised by lactic acid bacteria demonstrating strong antagonistic activity against pathogenic microorganisms.

The highest quality, knowledge and advanced technology allow us to provide patients with products that effectively and positively affect their health.

High-class specialists and scientists work on new products, thus systematically extending the Institute’s resources and broadening its knowledge.

We develop our potential by using our experience. Our successes are based on innovation and dynamically developing scientific and research facilities.

We successfully implement further solutions that improve the health and quality of life of patients – without forgetting about the natural environment; we respect the planet by working responsibly.

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