Product description:

Latopic® Face And Body Cream

The Latopic® Face And Body Cream comprehensively nurtures, protects and nourishes atopic, dry irritation-prone skin. Thanks to the rich formula, it effectively moisturises and replenishes, quickly soothes pruritus and regenerates. Latopic® Face And Body Cream contains metabolites of Lactobacillus sp. which are naturally antimicrobial and help to prevent the development of Staphylococcus aureus, which can exacerbate skin symptoms in persons with atopic skin. Intended for daily skin care of infants, children and adults.

Latopic® Face And Body Cream

  • can be used as early as from the first day of life;
  • demonstrates hypoallergenic properties;
  • does not contain fragrances and artificial colours;
  • has been dermatologically tested.
Latopic® Face And Body Cream


Face and Body Cream: Lactobacillus sp. metabolites, antipruritic complex (barley grain wax, argan oil, shea butter extract), polidocanol, panthenol, shea butter, lanolin, vitamin E, olive oil, allantoin, caprylic and capric triglycerides.

Instructions of use

Latopic® Face And Body Cream is intended for daily care of atopic, dry and irritation-prone skin.


Information on the leaflet.


Latopic® Face And Body Cream: 75 ml.

Expiration date

29 months.


Store at room temperature (15 – 25°C), out of the sight and reach of small children.

Pharmaceutical form

Latopic® Face And Body Cream.



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