IBSS BIOMED S.A. is a dynamically expanding company. We have extensive experience in conducting research and development, mainly based on our own technological facilities and employed specialists.

R&D projects carried out in the company concern both the development of new preparations, as well as the improvement of already registered products. We develop new analytical methods and alternative tests. We cooperate with Polish scientific institutions and independent consultants and clinical centres.

Specialists employed at the Centre for Research and Development of Biotechnology Products (CBR) – biologists, chemists, biotechnologists, pharmacists – have extensive practical experience in the development of chromatographic methods, molecular biology, immunology and cell cultures. In addition, they develop and optimise production technologies for medicinal products and foodstuffs.

Our strategy in the area of R&D is based on the implementation of projects from the idea to the finished product.

The research and development activity of IBSS BIOMED S.A. is currently focused on:

  • implementation of projects regarding: probiotics, vaccines and products with different registration status for use in treatment and support of treatment as well as prevention of bacterial infections,
  • development and implementation of products which meet the needs of patients and the pharmaceutical market, based on scientific data,
  • development of scientific research and development works, stimulating innovation,
  • optimisation of technological processes,
  • development of new analytical methods and alternative tests,
  • modernising and improving preparations from the company’s portfolio in accordance with scientific progress.

The CBR department strengthens the company’s market position as well as introduces organisational and marketing innovations, leading to the improved productivity and efficiency of the company.

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